Marketing Research and Product Development Consulting  

Professor Hauser has consulted with a variety of corporations on product development, sales forecasting, marketing research, voice of the customer, defensive strategy, advertising response analysis, and R&D management. He works closely with Applied Marketing Science, Inc. to provide marketing and marketing related consulting and with both the Analysis Group and Cornerstone Research to provide econometric analysis, strategic consulting, and litigation support.

Some of the firms with which he has worked include: American Home Foods, Inc.; American Airlines; American Hospital Supply Corporation; Analog Devices, Inc; Andersen Consulting, Inc. (Accenture), Applied Marketing Science, Inc.; A.T.&T.; Barton-Aschmann Associates; Baxter Cardiovascular Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., Cambridge Systematics, Inc.; Colgate-Palmolive; Costello Associates, Inc.; Curtis Manufacturing, Inc.; Economic's Laboratories, Inc.; Elrick and Lavidge, Inc.; Evanston Hospital; Evanston, Illinois and Schaumburg, Illinois (Transportation Planning); Fidelity Investments; French's Inc., G.D. Searle, Inc.; General Foods, Inc.; General Motors, Inc., Buick Division, Chevrolet Division, Marketing and Product Planning; Gillette; IBM, Inc.; Information Resources, Inc.; Johnson & Johnson; Kodak; Macromedia, Inc., Management Decision Systems, Inc.; M/A/R/C, Inc.; Merck, Inc., Navistar International, Inc.; Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Pepsi-Cola, Inc.; Polaroid; Procter & Gamble Company; Product Genesis, Inc.; RAM Broadcasting, Inc.; Regional Transportation Authority; Richardson-Vicks, Inc.; Southern Company Services, Inc.; Time-Life Books; Volunteers in Technical Assistance, and Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Inc. Co-founder, principal, and board member, Applied Marketing Science.


Litigation Support

Professor Hauser has provided expert testimony on marketing, marketing research, survey design, demand forecasting, product confusion and other topics on a variety of cases. He works closely with the Analysis Group and Cornerstone Research to provide careful analysis and testimony. Applied Marketing Science, Inc. provides marketing research litigation support. More complete citations for recent cases is available here. Key:
  • On behalf of
  • *Deposition testimony
  • †Court, commission, or arbitration testimony

  • ABC, Inc., American Broadcasting Company, Inc., and Disney Enterprises, Inc. Plaintiffs, v. Dish Network L.L.C. and Dish Network Corp., (Preliminary Injunction)
  • Joseph Adinolfe, et al., v. United Technologies Corp., d/b/a Pratt & Whitney (class action, damages)*
  • Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc. v., Inc. et al. (Patent Infringement)* †
  • Allergan, Inc. Engagement. (Off-label Prescriptions)
  • American Express Travel Related Services, Inc. v. Visa USA, Inc., et. al. (Evaluation of marketing research) *
  • In Re American Express Anti-Steering Rules Antitrust Litigation (II) (Evaluation of marketing research)*
  • American Multi-Cinema, Inc. v. American Movie Classics Company, Inc., et. al. (Confusion)*
  • Amway v. Procter & Gamble (Damages)*
  • Garth A. Anderson, et al. v. American Family Insurance Company (Class Action) *
  • Apple, Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd, et al. (Patent infringement, two cases, three trials) **†††
  • Atlantic Recording Corporation, et. al. v. XM Satellite Radio, Inc. (Copyright infringement)
  • Ariza, et al. v. Luxottica Retail North American, d/b/a LensCrafters (false advertising) *
  • Axcan Scandipharm, Inc. v. Global Pharmaceuticals And Impax Laboratories, Inc. (False Advertising)
  • Avaya Inc. v. SNMP Research International, C.A. (Damages)*
  • Berlex v. Biogen, Inc. (Damages)*
  • Blue Mountain Arts, Susan Polis Schutz, and Stephen Schutz v. Hallmark Card, Inc. (Trade Dress)
  • James and Lisa Camenson, et al.; v. Milgard Manufacturing Inc., et. al. (Class action)
  • CBS Corporation, CBS Broadcasting Inc., CBS Studios Inc., and Survivor Productions, LLC. v. DISH Network Corporation, DISH Network L.L.C. (damages)
  • Clearchannel Communications, Inc. in the Webcasting IV. (Damages)
  • Comm-Tract Corp. v. Northern Telecom, Inc. (Advice only)
  • Comcast Cable Communications. LLC v. Sprint Communications Company (Patent Infringement)*
  • Computer Aid, Inc. v. Hewlett Packard (damages)*
  • Dayna Craft, et al. v. Philip Morris Companies, Inc. and Philip Morris Inc. (Class Action)*
  • Creative Laboratories, Inc. v. Apple Computer, Inc. (Intellectual Property)
  • CTC Communications Corporation v. Bell Atlantic Corporation (Damages)
  • Curt Schlesinger and Peter Lore, on behalf themselves and the Certified Class, Plaintiffs, v. Ticketmaster (Class action, false advertising, confusion)*
  • Eagle Harbor Holdings LLC, and Mediustech LLC, v. Ford Motor Company (Patent infringement).
  • Anne Elkind And Sharon Rosen, et al. v. Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, Inc. (Class Action)
  • EPD v. Curtis (Product Confusion)†
  • FCA Canada Inc. and FCA US LLC, re Canadian Class Actions re Diesel Fuel Emissions, specifically, Shane Witham, et al. v. FCA Canada Inc., FCA US LLC, and FIAT Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (Class Action)†
  • Fox Broadcasting Company, Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., and Fox Television Holdings. Inc., Plaintiffs, v. Dish Network L.L.C. and Dish Network Corp., (Preliminary Injunction, Damages)*
  • Stephen S. Gallagher, et. al. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, et al. (Class Action)
  • Geico v. Google and Overture Services (Yahoo), Inc. (Trademark Infringement)
  • In Re: General Motors, LLC Ignition Switch Litigation (non-testifying expert)
  • Gillette v. S. C. Johnson (Patent Infringement)
  • Gyrodata, Inc. v. Atlantic Inertial Systems Inc (“AIS”), et al. (consulting expert)
  • Heublein vs. Seagrams and Gallo (Liability)
  • Hewlett-Packard, Inc. v. Factory Mutual Insurance Company (Insurance Coverage)*
  • IMS Health Incorporated v. Symphony Health Solutions Corporation, Source Healthcare Analytics, LLC, and ImpactRx, Inc., C.A. No. 1:13-cv-2071-GMS (D. Del.). (Patent infringement, technical expert)*
  • Intel v. Advanced Micro Devices (Damages)*
  • J. B. D. L. Corp. d/b/a, Beckett Apothecary v. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Inc. and American Home Products Corporation, (Class Action)
  • Jerry Jacobs, et. al. v. Osmose Inc., et. al. (Class Action)*
  • Jay Kordich, et. al. v. Salton Maxim Housewares, Inc., et. al. (Trademark)†
  • In RE J.P. Morgan Chase Cash Balance Litigation (Class Action)*
  • L.A. Taxi Cooperative, Inc. et al. v. Uber Technologies, Inc.: Rasier, LLC; and Rasier-CA, LLC (False Advertising)
  • Lending Tree, Inc. v. The Gator Corporation (Intellectual Property)
  • Lotus v. Borland (Damages)*
  • Louis Vuitton Malletier, S. A. v. Hyundai Motor America (Trademark Infringement)*
  • Malden Transportation, Inc. et al. vs. Uber Technologies, Inc., Rasier, LLC*† (damages) see also, Anoush
  • Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company v. PPG Industries, Inc., et. al. (Survey Design)
  • MasterCard International, Inc. v. First National Bank of Omaha (Product Confusion)*
  • Mayo Foundation v. Mayo Health Facilities (Product Confusion)†
  • Mead Johnson Nutritionals v. unnamed party (False Advertising)
  • Merck & Co. (Lanham Act Advice)
  • Michael Kors (USA), Inc. and Michael Kors, L.L.C. v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, (Damages)*
  • Michael Kors, Inc. v. Costco Wholesale Corporation (False Advertising)*
  • In Re Microsoft Corporation Antitrust Litigation (Multi-district Litigation)*
  • Millennium Laboratories, Inc. v. Ameritox, Ltd. (False Advertising)
  • MillerCoors, LLC v. Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC. (False Advertising)*
  • Scott Miller, et al. v. Fuhu, Inc. and Fuhu Holdings, Inc. (Class Certification)*
  • Pacific Bell Telephone Company in New Regulatory Framework Review of Customer Satisfaction before the California Public Utility Commission†
  • Luciano F. Paone v. Microsoft Corporation (Patent Infringement)*
  • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (Lanham Act Advice)
  • Playtex v. Procter & Gamble (Claims Substantiation)*†
  • Procter & Gamble v. Amway (Liability and Damages)*†
  • Procter & Gamble v. Haugan, et. al. (Liability and Damages)†
  • Putnum Fund Trustees, (Investment Fraud, advice on market research)
  • Ram Broadcasting, Inc. (Cellular Telephone Filings)
  • RealPlayer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation (Anti-trust)
  • Roberts et. al. v. Enterprise Rent-a-Car Company of Boston, Inc. (Class Action)
  • The Republic of Colombia v. Diageo North America, et al. (Anti-trust)
  • St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants, Inc. v. Research in Motion, Ltd. and General Imaging Co. (Patent infringement)*
  • Curt Schlesinger and Peter Lore, on behalf themselves and the Certified Class, Plaintiffs, v. Ticketmaster (Class action, false advertising, confusion)*
  • Barbara Schwab, et. al. v. Philip Morris, USA (Class Action)*
  • SoundExhange, Inc. vs. Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. and XM Satellite Radio, Inc.: In the Matter of Adjustment of Rates and Terms for Preexisting Subscription Services and Satellite Digital Radio Services. 2007*†. 2012†*. 2017†*
  • Sprint Communications Company L.P. et al. v. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. et al. (Damages)*
  • State of Colorado, et. al. v. Warner Chilcott Holdings Company III, Ltd., et. al. (Anti-trust)*
  • State of Florida and Plaintiff States Antitrust Litigation for Disposable Contact Lenses (Survey Analysis)†
  • State of Washington v. Comcast, et al. (False Advertising)* †
  • Stipic, et. al. v. Behr Process Corporation and Masco International (Class Action)*
  • Straumann Company v. Lifecore Biomedical, Inc. (Product Confusion)*
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation (Anti-trust)
  • Symphony Health Solutions Corporation v. IMS Medical Radar (Technical Expert)*
  • Takada Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc. Par Pharmaceutical, Inc., Amneal Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Watson Laboratories, Inc. West-Ward Pharmaceutical Corp., Hikma Americas PLC. (Patent Infringement)
  • Tivo, Inc. v. Echostar Communications Corporation, et. al*
  • Tropicana Products, Inc. v. Vero Beach Groves, Inc. (Lanham Act)† (Declaration accepted as court testimony)
  • United States of America Department of Justice v. AT&T Inc., DirecTV Group Holdings, LLC, And Time Warner Inc.* †
  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc (and other retailers) v. Mastercard International, Inc. (Liability and Damages, Anti-trust)*
  • We Media, Inc. v. We Women’s Entertainment, LLC [Cablevision Systems Corporation, et al.]. (Product Confusion)*
  • Yahoo Holdings, Inc., et al. v. Mozilla Corporation (customer satisfaction) *
  • Olua Zakaria, et al. v. Gerber Products Co. d/b/a Nestle Nutrition, Nestle Infant and Nestle Nutrition North America (class action, damages)*

Advisory Positions

Professor Hauser is a board member of Hyper Morphing Technologies, Inc. He has served as an academic trustee of the Marketing Science Institute.
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