Working Papers

“A Universal Basic Income in Kenya”, with Abhijit Banerjee, Michael Faye, Alan Krueger and Paul Niehaus.

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“Chat Over Coffee? Technology Diffusion Through Social and Geographic Networks in Rwanda”, with Esther Duflo, Daniel Keniston and Celine Zipfel.

“Impacts of the Internet on the Poor”, with Kamal Bhattacharya.

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“Strategic Voting in the Kenyan Election”, with Rahul Deb and Eleanor Wiseman.

“Mobile Money and the Resilience of Subjective Wellbeing”, with Abed Mutemi and Jake Kendall.

“Strategic Financial Behavior: Evidence from Interest Rate Caps in Kenya”, with Prashant Bharadwaj, October 2019. [Submitted]

"Borrowing Requirements, Credit Access, and Adverse Selection: Evidence from Kenya", with William Jack, Michael Kremer and Joost de Laat. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No, 22686, November 2016. [Revise and Resubmit]

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"Fintech and Household Resilience to Shocks: Evidence from Digital Loans in Kenya", with Prashant Bharadwaj and William Jack. Working Paper, August 2019. [Submitted]

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"Diversity and Team Performance in a Kenyan Organization", with Benjamin Marx and Vincent Pons. Working Paper, April 2019. [Revise and Resubmit]

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"The Perils of Voter Mobilization" with Benjamin Marx and Vincent Pons. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No, 23946, October 2017. [Revise and Resubmit]

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"Agricultural Technology and Nutrition: The Impacts of NERICA Rice in Sierra Leone", with Rachel Glennerster. Working Paper, September 2018. [Submitted]

"Rural Roads and Intermediated Trade: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Sierra Leone", with Lorenzo Casaburi and Rachel Glennerster. MIT Sloan Working Paper 5043-13. August 2013.

Videos: treatment road (with a bridge); control road (with a bridge); another control road

"Estimating the Extent of Risk Sharing Between Households." Working Paper, December 2013. (Previously titled "Spillovers in Village Consumption: Estimating the Extent of Partial Insurance.")