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I finally decided to put together some of fun things that have come out of field work and from having some really amazing, exceptional and (as you will see below) creative teams!!

  • A great parody of I Will Survive #RA Life, created by some of my amazing RAs for the so-called Infamous party Esther, Abhijit and I hosted this year.
  • A fantastic video describing life as a J-PAL Research Assistant (RA) that some of the RAs put together for the J-PAL tenth anniversary celebrations (the video includes two of my RAs).
  • A really funny video my team (well six of the eight were working for me) put together: Call me Maybe, TheMatatu Edition! I think you have to see the Harvard version before you “get” this… also, if you want the full story of why this video was made, ask Ali, Dan or El!
  • A video Bryan/B (our amazing project manager) took that went viral and made him quite famous!
  • “Drop the Buffalos” – fun travels with my team in the Aberdares in Kenya, though we maybe got too close to the rhinos and the leopard was certainly showing off for us! We went to the Ark and Solio Game Reserve – I think this is going to quickly become our go to spot for team breaks!!