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(15.A18) The Zen of Probability

  • Description: This seminar addresses subtopics in elementary probability from a range of perspectives. The subtopics of the seminar are: (1) making sense of probability, (2) strategic (and other) uses of randomness (3) how Bayes' rule can reduce uncertainty and improve decision making, (4) paradoxes in probability and the insights they provide, and (5) how probability can lead to a better understanding of coincidences, superstitions, luck, and more. Our discussions will be based on assigned readings.

(15.053) Optimization Methods in Business Analytics

  • Description: Introduces optimization methods with a focus on modeling, solution techniques, and analysis. Covers linear programming, network optimization, integer programming, nonlinear programming, and dynamic programming. Applications to logistics, manufacturing, statistics, machine learning, transportation, game theory, marketing, project management, and finance. Includes a project in which student teams select and solve an optimization problem (possibly a large-scale problem) of practical interest.
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