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About Me

James B. Orlin is the E. Pennell Brooks (2017) Professor in Management.  He specializes in network and combinatorial optimization. He has helped develop improved solution methodologies for a variety of network optimization problems, with applications to transportation, computer science, operations, and marketing.

About My Family

My wife, Lark Palermo, was the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston until December 2020, and is now retired. My son, Ben, has authored two books on popular mathematics:   Math with Bad Drawings (2018) and Change is the Only Constant (2019).  His Twitter handle is @benorlin. My daughter Jenna Orlin Laib is a K-8 math specialist at the Driscoll School in Brookline, MA.  Her blog is entitled "Embrace the Challenge."  Her Twitter handle is @jennalaib. My other son Cash has collaborated on several podcasts including Co-pilots with Matt Greenberg.   Co-pilots was a humorous podcast about TV shows that lasted at most once season.