Research & Publications

"Health Care Hotspotting – A Randomized, Controlled Trial."

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"Birth Order and Delinquency: Evidence from Denmark and Florida."

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"Clinical Decision Support for High-Cost Imaging: A Randomized Clinical Trial."

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"​Evaluating Measures of Hospital Quality: Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns."

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"​Economics of Child Protection: Maltreatment, Foster Care & Intimate-Partner Violence."

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"Uncovering Waste in US Healthcare: Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns."

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"Measuring Returns to Hospital Care: Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns."

Doyle, Joseph J., John Graves, Jonathan Gruber, and Samuel Kleiner. Journal of Political Economy Vol. 123, No. 1 (2015): 170-214. Finalist for the 2016 National Institute for Health Care Management Health Care Research Award.

"Causal Effects of Foster Care: An Instrumental-Variables Approach."

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"Edgeworth Cycles Revisited."

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"$2.00 Gas! Studying the Effects of Gas Tax Moratorium Across State Borders."

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"Health Insurance, Treatment, and Outcomes: Using Auto Accidents as Health Shocks."

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"How Effective is Lifeline Banking in Assisting the 'Unbanked'?"

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"Measuring Physician Quality: Evidence from Physician Availability."

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"Economics of Child Wellbeing."

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"Risky Business: Cutting Health Costs."

Doyle, Joseph J. The Boston Globe, October 11, 2009.

"A Way to Help on Health Insurance."

Doyle, Joseph J. The Washington Post, October 29, 2004.
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