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  • 2014 Pathfinder Award, Engineering Projects Organization Society (EPOS).
  • 2013 Best paper award. EPOS Annual Meeting, for “House of Project Complexity”
  • 2008 Class of 1960 Professor, for leadership in developing energy curriculum at MIT
  • 2004 BP Global Helios Award (partnership category) for Projects Academy
  • 2002 Elected Dean of Fellows, Academy of International Business
  • 1998 Elected Fellow, Academy of International Business
  • 1976 Graham and Dodd Scroll for best article in Financial Analysts Journal
  • Donald Roy Lessard

    Epoch Foundation Professor of International Management, Emeritus

    Professor of Global Economics and Management, Emeritus |Professor of Engineering Systems, Emeritus

    MIT Sloan School of Management

    100 Main Street

    Cambridge, MA 02142

    Office Number E62-467
    Phone Number (617) 253-6688

    Support Staff

    Sumaiya Rahman Haddad

    (617) 253-6679
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