Katherine Kellogg

Kate Kellogg is the David J. McGrath jr (1959) Professor of Management and Innovation and a Professor of Business Administration in the Work and Organization Studies Department at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Katherine Kellogg, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Featured Research

Areas of Interest

  • Institutional Change
  • Organizational Change
  • Future of Work
  • Cross-boundary Collaboration
  • Professions
  • Healthcare

My Affiliations

Work & Organization Studies Group

WOS faculty research work, organizational design, leadership and change, negotiations and conflict resolution, decision-making, careers, and labor market institutions and policy making.

MIT Workplace Center

Builds, in theory and in practice, a mutually supportive relationship between the performance of firms and the well being of employees, their families, and communities.


Offers a common resource: commitment to systematic exploration and analysis of the mechanisms and processes of aggregation that influence, channel, and organize human action