15.830 Enterprise Management Lab   
Prereq: None. Coreq: 15.810, 15.761, or 15.900   
G (Fall, IAP)   

Lays the foundation for the Enterprise Management (EM Lab)Track by developing students' ability to apply integrated management perspectives and practices in their roles within large organizations.  Lectures, faculty mentors and cross-functional teams equip students with tools and knowledge to implement this track vision through classroom and project-based activities.  Small teams of students deliver quality deliverables working on live integrative projects focused on marketing, operations, and/or Strategy sourced from large organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. Management guest speakers from Marketing, Operations and Strategy discuss their interrelated activities.  The overall goal is to promote an integrated mindset towards viewing and addressing business issues. Students must register for both the fall term and IAP.   
Restricted to MBA students in EM Track.   

15.833 Business-to-Business Marketing   
Prereq: None   
G (Fall; second half of term)   

Applies marketing concepts, analyses and tools used in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Develops an understanding of customer value management as a strategy for delivering superior value to targeted business segments while maintaining equitable returns. Focuses on B2B pricing, brand building, web and technology facilitation of the supply chain, and customer relationship management. Underscores sales force management within the context of go-to-market strategy. Discusses ethical issues and various B2B contexts, such as products and services, for-profits and non-profits, and domestic and global markets. Emphasizes applications in technology and healthcare domains. Includes value-based pricing project, case studies, applied exercises, and readings.   

Faculty mentor for G-Lab 15.389 and China/India Lab 15.225


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